First Meeting

My children have been blessed with an abundance of cousins – some of them are adults with children of their own and others are of similar age to them.  Last year however, a new baby cousin was born and with my girls having reached the stage of wanting to be around babies 24/7, the news was greeted with great excitement!
A visit was duly arranged and this finally took place at the weekend – a whole 48 hours with a baby to dote on, what bliss!   The photos speak for themselves….

I relished the fact that the baby was not mine – cute and cuddly but easily returnable.  And by the end of the weekend, ‘It’ was longing to claim his rug back!

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  1. Awww…I get SO broody around babies (to my OH’s horror!) – you so rarely get to cuddle the littlies!

    Gorgeous pics :)

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  3. Paddy does NOT look impressed!!!

    • I can assure you, he really wasn’t! Just waiting to get that rug back to himself!

  4. Oh lovely – how sweet – your girls look fab – nice that you can return the baby :o)!!! X.

    • Aww thank you – they had such a lovely weekend playing mummy!

  5. Bless! They look just like my kids with their two baby cousins – they are so taken with them they just crowd around the baby and stick their faces in the baby’s face. Luckily the babies seem to take this quite well at the moment!


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