Never Forgotten #Blogging4Madeleine

”Blogging4Madeleine”For most people, 12th May will hold very little significance.  But for two people, Gerry and Kate McCann, this date will always be one of memories, sadness, regret and torment.  Today is their daughter Madeleine’s, 10th birthday. 
On 3rd May 2007, just 9 days prior to her 4th birthday, Madeleine McCann was snatched from her bed whilst on holiday in Praia da Luz, Portugal. It is hard to believe that this tragic event took place 6 years ago.

Like most people in Britain, I have been unable to forget this little girl, nor the torment clearly visible in her parent’s eyes, at every press interview over the years. 

As regular readers will know, we celebrated our own daughter’s birthday just a few days ago – a time of cake, balloons, presents, fun and laughter – just as it should be. I cannot begin to imagine how heart-breaking it must be for the McCann family to see this date and not be able to celebrate with their precious daughter.  This is the reason why I’m joining in with #Blogging4Madeleine initiated by CJ who blogs over at A Mummy’s View.

On this date last year, the Find Madeleine campaign released an age-progressed image of what they think Madeleine might look like now:

Sadly, Madeleine has yet to be found and the search goes on. What can we do to help?

  • If you’re someone who prays, then please lift up this family in your prayers today and  ask for continued wisdom for the Metropolitan police who are still very much behind the search.
  • Keep this search alive and her beautiful face in the forefront of people’s minds, by sharing this post (or any others from the #blogging4madeleine campaign) on social networking sites.
  • If you have any information which might be important to finding Madeleine, call the investigation line on +44 845 838 4699 or email
  • If you’re a keen fundraiser, the charity Missing People, would love your assistance. Madeleine’s mother Kate, ran the London Marathon 2013 in aid of Missing People and raised an incredible £21,000! 
  • Keep up to date with the Find Madeleine campaign and the latest news, on their website.

According to Missing People, a staggering 140,000 children go missing in Britain every year. Some of these children we will hear about, but many we will not. On 25th May 2013, Missing People will be launching International Missing Children’s Day.  At the very least, we can support them by joining in The Big Tweet on that date and by following @missingpeople on Twitter.

Last but not least, if you have children, please hold them a little tighter as they go to bed tonight and remember those families who are not able to do that, in particular, the McCanns.

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  1. A beautiful post Suzanne. Madeleine’s story still haunts me, and I pray we’re able to see her reunited with her parents.

    • And me. I cannot believe it’s been 6 years. Today must be so hard for them x

    • Thank you so much for initiating it. So important to continue highlighting this case, along with all the others.

  2. Like Donna, Madeline’s disappearance still haunts me to. It’s hard to accept that in the day and age we live in, we can’t find those who go missing. Lovely post in honour of Madeline Suzanne xx

    • I totally agree Charlie. Imagine the torment that family are going through. Thanks for commenting x

  3. Great post and great way to raise awareness. I’ve never forgotten either, I don’t think anyone with children does. Madeleine is just a few months older than my younger son, which always makes it harder for me to think about. I read the book and I totally 100% believe in the McCanns. I remember debating at work with colleagues whether it was them all along, but I never believed it for one moment.

    • I haven’t read the book but I think you only need to look at the torment behind their eyes, to know they had nothing to do with it. I don’t think they did anything wrong – never have done. I imagine they beat themselves up everyday, they don’t need the public to add to that. praying she is still found x

  4. Beautiful post! I can’t believe its been 6 years, still feels like only yesterday :(

    • I bet it seems like a lifetime to her family :( So sad x

  5. So many of the missing kids disappear from view after a short while. So sad they can’t go home to the people who love them.

  6. A good post, but how sad we have to write about this. Good for you for raising awareness. I’m working on a little poem for Prose4T inspired by this and the other posts, about lost children. So thank you, for putting it in my mind, and into other’s. We need to remember, and never forget.

  7. You know, I had kind of forgotten about this, thank you for helping to keep it in people’s minds, hopefully one day Madeline will be found and reunited with her family x

  8. It’s as heartbreaking now as it was at the time and of course we can’t imagine what Gerry and Kate must be still going through. I’m sure they wake every day hoping it will be the day she is finally found. I really hope she is, one day. Thanks for the reminder and suggestions of how everyone can help. x

  9. Thank you all for your support and kind words. Today has been a strange realisation that for many, this case stirs up hatred for the McCanns. It seems to be a case of huge controversy. But in all this, it’s important to remember that Madeleine and many other children are not at home, in their beds, as they should be. We mustn’t lose hope.

  10. Great post for raising awareness about the most terrible of crimes – cruelty to children in all its forms. I hope one day she is found, but I can’t bare to imagine what she has been through if she is still alive. X.

  11. Great post, I’m holding on to the hope that if miracles can happen in the US with kidnapped women and children being found, then one can happen for the McCanns.


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