Christmas has come early!

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Okay it isn’t really Christmas, in fact it’s 26 degrees outside and a beautiful summer’s day, but for The Boy it has felt like Christmas here over the last few weeks….
Being the youngest and only male child, my mild-mannered boy often gets overlooked.  People regularly comment on how quiet he is but to be honest, with two sisters in the house, I reckon he just can’t be bothered to fight for air time!  So when we were offered two items to review, that were clearly aimed at boys, I jumped at the chance.

He might be quiet but my boy is a joker.  For months on end, the only book he would reach for at bedtime was Harry Hill’s Joke book – I reckon he knew that book off by heart!  So when we were offered some respite from Harry Hill’s witticisms, in favour of Mr Bean’s, The Boy and I were more than happy to oblige. 

As you’d expect, this book is pretty much full of school boy humour, exactly the kind of thing that any 8 year old boy loves and most 41 year old mummies don’t…..but who are we trying to win over here?! This book would make a perfect stocking filler and is great value for money at  £4.99, available from Presents for Men.

The Boy is also very interested in anything science related (definitely his father’s son!) so the Electro-Dough Kit supplied to us by Make Things Do Stuff was right up his street.  Sadly it wasn’t even vaguely up mine, so I passed the task of working out how to do it, over to his I-Have-A-Physics-Degree father.  Good thinking huh? 

The Electro Dough Kit ‘promises to take a hands on approach to discovering the possibilities of using electronics and programming in creating physical objects‘. The idea behind the Electro Dough Kit is a good one, appealing to a child’s sense of fun (it includes shape cutters to make the dough into interesting shapes) but definitely requires adult supervision (and a pretty scientific one at that – it was way beyond my capabilities!).  

There is a small amount of mixing and weighing involved (for the dough) but this is all part of the process and makes it even more fun!

Having said that, The Teenager (who has also inherited the scientific gene) quickly worked out how to do it and the two of them really enjoyed making the circuits, especially activating the miniature buzzer and lighting up the small LED bulbs that are included in the kit (that’s the extent of my scientific knowledge I’m afraid!).  
I can highly recommend this product for any 7-12 year old child with an inquisitive mind.  It is available to purchase from Technology Will Save Us at £13.50. 

But Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without giving away something too, so without further ado here is today’s giveaway on the blog:

This personalised gardening set comes courtesy of Goodheart Gifts who provide presents for a wide range of occasions such as birthdays, christenings and anniversaries.   This set normally retails at £19.99 and I think you will agree that it would make a great gift for any girl or boy (colour and personalisation to suit). 

If you have a recipient in mind, just leave a comment telling me who you would give it to and why.  Then complete the Rafflecopter below – couldn’t be simpler!  Competition will close next Friday – 13/9/13.

Disclaimer: I received one Electro Dough Kit and one Mr Bean’s Joke Book 
for the purpose of this review.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Terms & Conditions

  • Entrants must be over 18
  • Only open to UK residents
  • A blog comment must be left in order for the competition entry to be valid
  • A Kids Gardening Set will be sent direct to the winner from Goodheart Gifts.  No alternative options are available.
  • The winner must respond within 7 days
  • Competition closes at midnight on 13/9/13.

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  1. my boys are obsessed with getting dirty so they would love the boys gardening set.
    that electro dough looks FAB!!

  2. My daughter she loves helping out in the garden we have a little vegi patch and she likes helping things grow.

  3. To my daughter, she’s loved growing veggies this year.

  4. My gorgeous nephew G would love that set.

  5. The science set looks beyond my comprehension too! Everybody loves a bit of Mr Bean though!

    Thanks for being my first ever linker-upper to Family Product of The Week x

  6. I would give it as a gift to my friends little boy we have one similar and i think he would like it! The science set looks great!

  7. The dough kit without the dough wasn’t my idea of fun.
    I’d give the gardening kit to my friend’s daughter.

  8. My triplets would love this, proper pranksters!

  9. That science set looks briliant. We’ve had loads over the years and nothing as simple and interesting as that :)

  10. Love the look of the electric dough, never heard of it before!! x

  11. My niece as Grace already has one :)

  12. my son as he has just requested his own veggie patch in our garden :) x

  13. my son he’s always helping in the garden

  14. Thanks to all those who entered, the lucky winner was Jodie Harvey! Congratulations :)

  15. You have a few good things on here. That dough does look mighty fun! I would recommend a couple books for the season, The Reindeer Keeper and The Snowman Maker by Barbara Briggs Ward, They are some great reads for the youngins on the cold nights that are headed our way!


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