The Week That Was / Project 365 Week 13

I  know it’s a little premature (we still have a whole 5 days of school to go) but this week we have definitely been feeling the effects of a long term. With various school productions to attend, which resulted in late nights, we are finding it more and more difficult to arrive at school on time – one of the first signs of ‘Endoftermitis’. Anyone else suffering already?
Other than that, we’ve had a good week. The contrast in weather from hailstones on Sunday, to blue skies and sunshine on Saturday, has certainly been interesting – only in Britain eh?!

Did you find Reggie last week? Most of you did….

Reggie enjoying a spot of Minecraft.

Project 365 –  Week 13

1. A cold and brisk walk around Virginia Water before a well earned Sunday roast at the pub.
2. The view from my bedroom window – love watching The Boy potter around the garden of an evening.
3. My Boy making his debut in the school play. Being rather limelight-averse, this was a big achievement.
4. My other boy post hair cut!
5. An evening of science revision was rewarded with choosing clothes from the Next catalogue.
6. Practicing with my camera on this rather confident model.
7. Last football match of the season and The Boy’s team won the trophy for ‘Fair Play’, they were so proud.
* * *
Can you spot Reggie? And don’t cheat by saying bottom left! I hope you’ve all had a good week and enjoy a very special Mother’s Day.
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  1. Somne lovely photos of some big achievements! I see Reggie is shopping for clothes too ;-)

  2. Endoftermitis kicks in quicker here for me – teacher! Your dog looks rather lovely – is he a cairn or westie?

  3. Great shots, especially the one of Reggie with your new camera! #365

  4. spotted Reggie, ( should have put him in with the dog!!) and have to say he is a very handsome lizard in his modelling picture. Well done on both the play debut and the fair play trophy

  5. Oh Suzanne, i’m shattered!! Endoftermitis is definitely setting in here too! Counting the days…! xx

  6. Love the football one, a proud team indeed

  7. Reggie is going to look very snazzy in those trousers ;) He is a gorgeous model that’s a great shot!

  8. I love the shot from your bedroom window – it captures that free youthful joy as he kicks the ball. And then winning a trophy. Reggie is a pretty fine model (my son would absolutely love to have Reggie as a pet)

  9. Love the photos. The close-up of Reggie is fab. He’s also enjoying a good peruse of the Next Directory, although last time I looked they didn’t do anything in his size.

  10. Lovely pictures. Well done to your boy for the school play, and also for the “fair play” trophy – that’s lovely! And for once even I managed to spot Reggie clothes shopping! :)

  11. Lovely photos! Your dog looks so cute! Looks like you had a good week x

  12. We have loved playing football in the garden this weekend, finally some sun!

  13. Love that shot of The Boy on stage – excellent focus. But they do look rather like they’re dressed up as reindeer with antlers sprouting! Guessing trees was the intended effect. And yes, I can’t WAIT till the Easter hols. So needing a break. Illness, work and too many school commitments has meant i’ve had no time for blogging or being creative. Roll on Easter!

  14. Great photos, I love the ones of the show and the football team. Reggie is clearly a fan of next too :)

  15. Lovely photos. What a great project to be involved in too. I wish I could do a picture a day. I am great at taking photos all the time but not sure if I could do it everyday. Amazing though to see at the end of the year them all together. Lovely post.

  16. Lovely photos! I always love the photos of “It” that you post :)

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  17. Love LOVE the tree climbing, football kicking and dog resting photographs, awesome angles, lighting and composition.

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.


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