The Week That Was / Project 365 week 15

As this is a place of honesty, I’m going to put my hands up and admit that this week’s photos aren’t really a true representation of our week. In reality, we saw far too much screen-time and “I’m bored” echoed on repeat. Yes folks, it’s the school holidays! 
Here is week 15 in pictures…
1. The sun finally shone over Bluestone, just as it was time to go to bed! Beautiful sky though.
2. There was an awesome Lego wall at Bluestone where the kids busied themselves for hours.
3. This beautiful shrub in our garden only blooms for around 4 weeks of the year, sadly it’s on its way out.
4. Screen time was broken up with some fun in the garden, where the sun finally made an appearance!
5. I taught my boy how to make a cheese sauce – he will make a lovely husband one day :)
6. Yes, it’s National Siblings Day (only in the US!) and I managed to capture a brief snapshot of harmony.
7. That’s Easter covered then!
* * * 
I think that you all spotted Reggie last week, dicing with death on the snooker table.
This week is much, much harder. You’ll have to put your specs on for this one! Good luck and until next week…
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  1. well you still managed to capture some great moments!!! care to share the chocolate? :)

  2. Looks pretty harmonious to me and I love the way you equate learning to make a cheese sauce with the potential for good hubby material – that’s what I call a proper upbringing!! Happy Easter ! x

  3. I’m struggling with Reggie! This is no good. I know what you mean about unrepresentative photos. Maybe next week I’ll take a photo of the screen with the Mine-flipping-craft on it!

  4. is he on the fence???
    Bluestones – was that good? i have looked on line and the resorts do look good. making a cheese sauce from scratch is a great life skill. my mum showed me once when i was 12 and then i could make lasagna and cauli flower cheese from then on!
    talking of unrepresentative pics – we were out every day but ther boys also watched TV every morning from 6.45-9am !! x

  5. I love the photo of your garden. Loving the chocolate eggs x #365 x

  6. That sunset is wonderful, why does it always seem to rain when someone I know goes to Bluestone?

    Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  7. Wow beautiful sunset! And I love the colour of the flower. No idea where Reggie is though….

  8. How was Bluestone?
    Looks like a lovely week and is there any cheesecake left? It’s my favourite

  9. I love teaching the kids to cook early on in life

  10. Love the garden picture, its great for the kids to get out! Have a lovely week x #TWTWC

  11. if i sent my hubster could you teach him please?! he wont listen to me x

  12. Wonderful pictures and I do agree about the honesty – my best friend called me on that (privately on Facebook) in a sympathetic way about how my pictures all look like fun but he was sure parenting wasn’t all like that….I do hope that Reggie isn’t in the saucepan!

    • Ha ha, I’ve not thought of that one yet Menai!

  13. Gorgeous photos Suzanne. Is that a peony flowering there? Stunning colour! xx

  14. Great snapshot of sibling harmony. The flowering shrub is beautiful. Very good teaching your young man to cook!

  15. Your garden looks lovely!!!! There’s no Reggie this week :o(. X

  16. Had to zoom in to find Reggie, refused to be defeated :) He is well hidden this week! Our holidays are next week, I fully expect lots of ‘I’m boreds’ and way too much screen time… :)

  17. That sunset is gorgeous! Love the lego wall!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  18. Some lovely photos there. Was Bluestone good? We are thinking of going in the summer. It was lovely to see you the other day,I hope you’ve recovered


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