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Never Doubt the Underdog!

Primary School Netball Team (front row far right is me!) I was never any good at sport in school. Always the last to be picked for the netball team (usually cos I was hiding at the back hoping to don the ‘reserve’ vest) and doing my best to ensure that my friends and I crossed […] Read more…


“I Hate School!”

My middle child doesn’t really enjoy school. If you ask her, she will say that her favourite subjects are break and lunchtime. She “hates” maths and science, “sometimes likes” english and finds the boys in her class “immature and annoying.” Get the picture?! She isn’t a natural ‘learner’, certainly not one who seems to soak […] Read more…


A Mother’s Always….Wrong!

After 13 years, 12 and 9 (respectively), I think that I know my children pretty well. If you asked me to describe their characters, likes and dislikes, future aspirations, I could reel off a pretty accurate summary. But as with everything, children like to keep us on our toes. Just when I think I’ve got […] Read more…


Overcoming Hurdles

My youngest daughter tolerates my blog. She doesn’t like having her photograph taken (unless it’s one of her much-practiced selfies that make a regular appearance on Instagram) so rarely appears on my Project 365 posts. I also tend not to share too many personal stories about her. My children’s right to privacy is undoubtedly important […] Read more…


The Hills are Alive / Loud ‘n’ Proud

When pregnant with my first child, I was brimming with hopes and dreams for her future – what parent isn’t?One thing I never in my wildest dreams imagined, is that she would be musical. Considering I failed my Grade 5 piano exam with a record-breaking (too embarrassing to share) mark and her father is unable […] Read more…


Loud ‘n’ Proud

Do you ever feel embarrassed to share your child’s achievements? Or maybe you’re reluctant to let people know about a personal ‘moment of glory’? I know that I’ve often been on the cusp of writing a gushing status on Facebook but stopped, when the echo of other people’s opinions have held me back. Will I […] Read more…

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