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lazy days

Take 5: Washed Out But Not Up!

As the title would suggest, this week has been a total wash out in our corner of the world. It’s been cold, wet and murky to say the least. To top it off, I’ve been subjected to post upon Facebook post of people basking in glorious sunshine in the Channel Islands, Cornwall, Lanzarote….even Wales for […] Read more…

Bluebell Wood

Take 5: Tears, Tension and Taking a Back Seat

As my children get older, I am finding it increasingly difficult to get to my little corner of sanity, aka my blog. Not only does everyone want a piece of me, they also want a piece of my Mac! Every time I’ve had ten minutes to sit down and ‘pen’ something this week, someone has been doing homework or revision […] Read more…


The Week That Was / Project 365 Week 29

Thankfully, this week has been somewhat quieter in the 3 Children and It household. We certainly couldn’t continue at the pace we were hurtling towards the end of term. It’s been another stunning week of sunshine and I’d almost go as far as saying that this week should be entitled ‘Fixed’ rather than last week’s […] Read more…