Take 5 Friday

Take 5 Friday


Each week is made up of seven days (just in case you didn’t know) and sometimes, those seven days zip by in such a crazy whirlwind that I barely get time to draw breath, let alone ponder on all that has gone on.

In between the mundanity of everyday family life, things often go on during our week, that I would like to share or mull over with you lovely lot. The problem is, they don’t seem significant enough to warrant an entire blog post. Do you know what I mean?

So I’ve decided to make a space for me to ramble, just for 5 minutes, every Friday. To share some of the funny moments, the occasional enlightening moment (let’s hope there are some!) and the downright irritating moments of our week. I might even squeeze in the odd amazing find that would be simply criminal to keep all to myself. What do you think?

Can you hear my husband breathing a sigh of relief? I think he might be let off the hook for a while….

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